Real Art in Armagh – A Landscape of Urban Culture Showing Armagh Artists

Best Local Armagh Art

A Guide To Checking Out Local Armagh Art & Local Armagh Artists

The Irish are known for their fine artistic skills and talent. Many villages, towns and cities in Ireland boast incredible local artists and inspiring work to admire. One location that has plenty to offer for art lovers of all kinds is the city of Armagh. With a wonderful choice of collections and pieces to enjoy, admire and even purchase if you wish, a visit to this artistic location is sure to inspire the soul.

So how can you go about finding great local art in Armagh? A visit to the Armagh County Museum is a great place to find local Armagh Artists. Let’s take a look at a few of the artistic delights that you will be able to treat your senses to.

The Pre-History Collection – The Armagh Art Scene Explored

Pre-history artefacts that show both the development of the city, as well as the surrounding area are well worth checking out. In general, you will be able to admire weapons and tools used in the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age, a great way to feel like you are stepping way back into the bygone days.

While today we may now view weapons and tools as pieces of art, there is no doubt that they hold an artistic inspiration that is sure to impress.

Portraits Of Local Personalities, Towns, Villages Rural Landscapes

There is no better way to capture and understand the true essence of a place you are visiting than allowing yourself to be soaked into the artwork of a local. The collection boasted by the Armagh County Museum has exactly this. Works with a variety of skilled and talented artists are on display and allow the visitor to step into the world of rural Ireland, both through today’s eyes and through the eyes of days already been and gone.

The Applied Art Collection

The people of Armagh have incredible handiwork that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The Applied Art Collection showcases this talent. Visitors can admire patchwork quilts, jewellery, ceramics and much more.

Uniquely talented, with deeper perspectives – Armagh Artists Online

Gorgeous Coalisland Pottery

The Ulster Pottery Company was set up around the end of the 19th century. Each of the stunning pieces carried the mark ‘Ulster pottery Co. Coalisland Ireland’ and displayed the red hand of Ulster. A few of these beautiful jugs and cups are found in the museum and are well worth taking the time to admire in detail.

The Old Callan Bridge

John Luke, a Belfast-born artist was commissioned to create this work in 1945. The Second World War was raging, and this artist was staying in the country of Armagh at the time. The painting, which is likely the most well-known work in the museum, shows an old bridge over the River Callan, a location on the outskirts of the city. Both the bridge and the windmill was seen in the painting still exist today, making this work an extra special treat for visitors.

An Incredible Costume Collection

True art encompasses a truly wide scope of items. Costumes, in many ways, can be considered an artistic statement. The costumes found in the Armagh County Museum include wedding dresses and gowns that date right back to the Victorian period. Fans and purses are also on display.

The Buildings Of Armagh

Timothy Lennox created this work when he was a student in Armagh. The painting includes many of the important buildings of the city, such as the museum, the war Memorial and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The City Of Armagh 1810

James Black showcased some of the iconic buildings of the city in his work from the early 1800s. The painting allows the admirer to follow the street pattern and feel part of the goings on of days gone by. The Royal School, the Market Square, the Mall and St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral can all be found if the work is analysed well.

Certainly, the Armagh County Museum is a wonderful place to find plenty of local art to enjoy and admire. However, you may want to explore other avenues to discover the local art that the city has to offer. How can you go the extra mile?

Get To Know The Locals

A great way to find sources of local art is to get to know the local people. Irish people tend to be friendly and happy to converse. Visit local coffee shops, restaurants and Irish pubs and take the time to talk with the people who serve you or the locals who are taking some time out.

Let them know that you are on the lookout for great sources of local art, you may very well be surprised with what you can uncover. Someone you talk with may themselves be a local artist, may have an artist in their family, or may know of someone in their social circle.

Visiting local coffee shops and restaurants may also give you the chance to see and purchase local artwork that is displayed in the eatery. Some local artists may display their work in such places to increase awareness and give visitors the opportunity to make a purchase.

In fact, as well as visiting eateries, taking the time to wander around the town centre is sure to uncover a few shops and stores stocking local art. Enjoy exploring the city, but keep your eye out for any specialist and craft stores, showing local Armagh Artists, that you may pass by as you enjoy your stroll.

Whatever way you decide to track down local art in Armagh, be sure to allow plenty of time for your adventure. Like many towns and cities in Ireland, Armagh has plenty of local art to discover. While the Armagh County Museum is certainly a great place to start your artistic journey, there are plenty more sources of local art within the city. Take the time to discover the town, visit the coffee shops and restaurants and get to know the locals; even if you don’t find all the local art that Armagh has to offer, you are sure to enjoy your time spent in this inspiring city.